Starting Salaries for Marketing and Creative Professionals Projected to Rise 3.5% in 2013: Digital Roles Remain Hot

For creative professionals, beyond execution skills, the study found interpersonal skills strongly impact success and the job market for skilled candidates looks suprisingly good. According to Farrugia, "Creative professionals who posses a combination of strong design, technical and interpersonal abilities continue to be among the most desirable to employers, regardless of job title or experience level. In fact, it is not uncommon for many of these well-rounded candidates to receive multiple job offers." 

Additional findings from The Creative Group's study include: 

  • Interactive creative directors and mobile developers can anticipate the biggest bump in base compensation (4.9 percent), with average starting salaries ranging from $95,500 to $160,000 and $80,250 to $113,250, respectively.

  • Interaction designers with one to five years of experience also should see a gain of 4.9 percent, to between $52,250 and $77,500.

  • User experience designers are forecast to receive a 4.8 percent salary increase, with starting compensation of $73,750 to $110,500.

  • Projected base pay for mobile designers and game designers is expected to be up 4.8 percent as well, with average starting salaries of $63,000 to $96,000 and $59,500 to $93,500, respectively.