Two-Thirds of Marketers Expect Raises This Year, Still 1 in 3 Dissatisfied with Job

Among the good news: two-thirds of marketers anticipate salary increases in 2013, with one in five expecting an increase of 10 percent of more, revealed more optimism than seen in recent years. Seven percent of marketers expect cuts in compensation in 2013, compared to 12 percent in 2010.

Cities with the Happiest Marketing Employees
The study found some cities and jobs more satisfying than others. Specifically, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Houston ranked at the top of the list with the happiest marketers. Professionals in public relations, web analytics and strategic planning were found to be the most happy with their jobs.

Hottest Marketing Jobs In 2013     
Not surprisingly, the study found that 25 percent of marketers predict social media marketing will be the most in-demand job of 2013, followed closely by online content creation jobs with 21 percent and brand and product management jobs with 17 percent. Longer term, those surveyed expect social media and mobile marketing to be the hottest jobs in the next two to three years. Eighty percent of marketeters say their organizations will be increasing their focus on mobile marketing, 76% will increase their social media efforts and 75% will increase their marketing automation efforts.

Marketers Often Feel Ill-Equipped to Handle Organizational Objectives, Trends and Technology, 1 in 3 Dissatisfied with Job
The survey found that 56 percent of marketers surveyed were satisfied with their current job, while 32 percent were dissatisfied and 12 percent were neither satisfied or dissatisfied. While marketers defined their greatest challenges as not having people on their team to meet the organization's marketing objectives (56%) and their marketing team not being well equipped to handle new trends and technology (54%).