Cities with Greatest and Lowest Wage Growth for Q3 2015

PayScale has released their Q3 2015 PayScale Index, which tracks quarterly and annual trends in compensation and provides a U.S. national wage forecast for the coming quarter. The index reveals that the average 12 month increase in U.S. wages across all industries was 1.0 percent. National annual wage growth was varied over the period, ranging from a more than 2% gain to a nearly 2% loss in certain industries and metro regions.  The company forecasts Q4 wage growth in 2015 will remain relatively flat at 0.6 annually.  The index reveals that real wages have gone down 8% since 2006. 

According to PayScale's Vice President of Data and Lead Economist, Katie Bardaro, “While there were a few bright spots in the economy in the last quarter, U.S. wages remain sluggish overall. Again in Q3, real wages were down 8 percent in comparison to 2006 levels, reflecting the reality that wage growth has not kept pace with inflation. This scenario is expected to continue, as the Index forecasts only tepid annual wage growth of 0.6 percent next quarter.”  

Key findings in the Q3 2015 PayScale Index: 

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