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MarketingHire was Created to Solve a Common problem Employers Face

MarketingHire was founded by Peter DeLegge, a former Fortune 500 marketing executive, in 2004 after he had a conversation with his wife, an HR professional, about how posting a job at the big job sites was great at generating a great deal of job candidates, but a very high percentage of them were unqualified and meant sifting through hundreds or more of resumes to find a dozen candidates of interest. It is a resource intensive job time. Peter shared that he had success using a niche job site network of marketing association members. His wife responded that she also had similarly positive results using niche association sites.   

In addition to being a Director at Aon at the time, DeLegge had a popular online publication called MarketingToday, one of the earliest online publications focused on marketing that received accolades and recommendations from academia (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Wharton, Northwestern University, University of Chicago…), magazines (Inc, Entrepreneur…) and well respected marketers. Adding a sister site to handle jobs sounded like a good idea, if he could just persuade the various marketing associations that made up the Marketing Career Network (MCN), an alliance of leading marketing association and marketing association chapters to share job postings. DeLegge contacted the technology and service company that handled the boards, Naylor, who set up a meeting with the MCN members to vote on MarketingHire joining the alliance. The MCN members unanimously accepted MarketingHire into the MCN and the rest is history. MarketingToday has since had a wide range of well-known brands and small companies, from Microsoft to Harvard to some you might not expect, like the CIA (yes, that CIA). 

Flash forward and you’ll find that Money Magazine put MarketingHire at the top of their most recent list of the best job sites for marketing and advertising professionals, while we made MarketingSherpa’s and HubSpot’s latest lists for the best job board sites for advertising, marketing and PR professionals.  

founded in 2004

Peter DeLegge founded MarketingHire in 2004 out of Chicago, while he was Director of Digital Marketing at Aon.

Part of the Marketing Career Network (MCN)

MarketingHire was the first non-association member of the MCN, an alliance of leading US marketing associations.
Peter DeLegge, MarketingHire Founder & CEO
"I started MarketingHire to solve a problem. Jobs posted on the LinkedIn, Monster and other big job boards are great at getting lots and lots of candidates' resumes, but the overall quality of candidates wasn't very good, and sifting through hundreds of resumes to find a handful of candidates that looked promising was incredibly laborious. I found certain niche job boards connected to associations delivered a lot less candidates, but far higher quality candidates.”
Peter DeLegge
MarketingHire Founder/CEO
Money Magazine

Chosen By Money Magazine as One of the Best 3 Sites for Marketing & Advertising Professionals

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Chosen By MarketingSherpa as One of the "Best Job Sites for Marketing, Advertising & PR Pros"

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Chosen By HubSpot as One of the "Best Job Sites for Marketing, Advertising & PR Pros"

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Questions And Answers

More than three quarters of the candidates in our database have a four year degree or better. Nearly 30% have MBAs, Masters or Doctorates degrees. (Full statistics are available to our clients and qualified prospects.) We believe strongly in our partnership with America’s most respected marketing associations because their members are typically more focused on keeping their professionals skills up to date. Due to our affiliation with the Marketing Career Network (MCN), MarketingHire.com is effective at reaching all levels of marketing professionals, from senior professionals to recent college graduates (a number of our MCN marketing association partners have college and alumni chapters).  MarketingHire’s own database largely grew out of the MarketingToday readership and email subscribers. MarketingToday’s email subscribers included marketing and PR professionals that included managers that represented 70% of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 at the time. A good number of Director and VP level titles were email subscribers (while MarketingToday ceased publishing, we’re re-launching in 2020 and we have a new site called AdFails, that focuses on brand failures, coming as well).

A job site is only as good as its community (its visitors and candidate database).

Ask other marketing job websites staff specifically where their registered candidates come from. Sites such as MarketingJobs primarily build their candidate databases from random Internet job seekers who find their sites from Internet searches and job search engines. This is almost certain to result in job seekers with qualifications similar to that of big general job sites, only in significantly smaller quantities. MarketingHire.com largely built its candidate database due to our sister publication, MarketingToday (www.marketingtoday.com), which like MarketingHire was founded by our CEO, Peter DeLegge, whose background includes senior roles at Motorola, Aon and ADT and accolades for his publication, Marketing Today, from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Northwestern, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur and others and reaches members of America’s leading marketing associations. 

Also, beware of niche job board sites that lack good content — a key factor in keeping candidates coming back and no Twitter presence or no jobs posted on Twitter (where we’ve found candidates and publishers tend to be more active about hunting, likely due to the level of anonymity permitted, as compared to Facebook). We tweet all of the jobs posted at MarketingHire at no cost to our Twitter followers, which include marketers with thousands of followers, publishers and marketing association followers. Niche job sites that primarily build their candidate databases through search engines tend to have low quality candidate databases. 

Some important questions we strongly recommend you ask or at least consider before posting jobs at a job board:

“How did your company build its candidate database? Is it mainly anonymous job seekers who found the site from search engines or did you build it through well-respected marketing organizations and associations?”
“How many of the candidates in your jobs database are degreed and located in the US?”
“What steps does your company take to ensure the job candidates in your database are high caliber, presently employed and experienced as opposed to randomly found on the Internet?”

The short answer is our focus on marketing candidates and the quality of candidates in our database differentiates MarketingHire from other niche job sites and the big general sites — we specialize in one thing, marketing and marketing-related professionals and are part of a network with America’s most respected marketing associations that enables you to reach their members when you post a job at MarketingHire. 

A Booz Allen Hamilton study found that while the big general internet job boards received 27% of companies recruiting advertising budget, these boards only generated 15% of new hires. While posting jobs at the big general job boards (e.g., Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, etc.) often yields high quantities of resumes, the qualifications of those candidates tends to be all over the map. Our experience is that the candidate quality of most of the submissions is, most often, poor (the phrase, needle in a haystack comes to mind when sifting through large quantities of largely poorly qualified applicants). That means the HR department and the hiring department is forced to sift through a great deal of resumes of very unqualified candidates. This is made worse by a common practice of the big, general job boards to compensate other websites for feeding them candidates to apply for jobs — regardless of quality. One major job site pays a bounty of $1 per applicant to other websites, regardless of a candidate’s qualifications. MarketingHire.com doesn’t engage in such practices. Instead, we focus on candidate quality.

The combination of MarketingHire’s candidate database in concert with the hundreds of thousands of members of the leading marketing association MCN partners you reach when you post jobs at MarketingHire sets MarketingHire apart from other job boards. MarketingHire and the MCN’s databases create a unique differentiator that you won’t get elsewhere. While you won’t get the high quantity of applicants you’ll receive from posting a job at one of the big job boards, you’ll be reaching very high quality of candidates.  Due to the power of the Marketing Career Network (MCN), MarketingHire enables you to reach more than 500,000 marketing professionals.

Boxwood / Naylor is MarketingHire and the  MCN’s partner. They provide the actual job board, transaction technology and customer support. Consequently, when you place your job on MarketingHire’s or any MCN partner’s job board, that’s actually using Naylor’s technology and support. Your order will be placed directly with Naylor as opposed to MarketingHire. Consider them the glue that holds the MCN together. Technically, MarketingHire has non-job content. The jobs, e-commerce and customer support are all handled by Naylor.  We’ve worked with them from the very beginning and find them to be a great partner.