The Optimal Job Search Plan is an Integrated One

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In this age, the only effective plan for a job search is an integrated job search strategy. Here are some essential components of an integrated job search:

(1) Create highly targeted versions of your resume.

Ideally, your resume features the specific skills and experience desired by each company you submit it to. We strongly recommend creating targeted versions of your resume. For instance, if you have experience with financial services and electronics marketing, create two industry targeted versions of your resume, one for each industry, you can further target by types of skills required desired. Consider creating a master resume from which you can create various targeted versions of your resume.

(2) It is who you know. Network, network, network.  

It is said that the best jobs are found through your network, and there’s no question that a personal referral for a job is incredibly valuable. Professional networking should be a cornerstone of your job search campaign.

(3) Don’t rely on any single online job board.  

Get your resume at, LinkedIn and big general job board, such as Monster. Set up a job agent so that you are automatically informed of relevant job listings. Surprised that I’m recommending competitors? Don’t be. I founded to be great resource for employers seeking to find very high quality marketing, digital marketing, pr, communications and advertising professionals and generate quality over quantity, whereas the big general job boards are great at generating high quantities of candidates, but the quality of these candidates is often less than great — in my experience as a marketing director and those I’ve surveyed, it’s all over the board. Consequently, a lot of the listings at won’t be found on the big general job boards and visa versa. I’m confident of the value of to marketing, advertising, digital marketing, social media, SEM, SEO, creative and sales professionals, but I don’t believe ANY job board or recruiter should be the ONLY vehicle used for your search. As for LinkedIn, it’s become an increasingly important tool for business networking. You need to be there and maintain a great impression. The reality is, even if you find the ideal job listed at, the prospective employer is likely to be researching you on LinkedIn, so be prepared.

(4) Identify and establish relationships with the most important marketing recruiters (AKA headhunters) that specialize in the type of job you’re targeting.  

Establishing relationships with the right recruiters can be another vital component to an integrated job search campaign. If you’re looking for a place to start, we maintain an up-to-date directory of marketing and advertising recruiters that includes the cream of the crop of marketing recruiters, but I’d also recommend that you ask peers you trust for their recommendations. Once you’ve identified the recruiters that matter, we recommend building relationships with them. Make sure that they know you well, your experience and what you’re looking for.

(5) Maintain a consistent presence in social media, as well as offline.

Social media has become a critical tool for all marketing, advertising, digital marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, creative and sales people. It’s part of marketing and prospective employers expect candidates to be fluent with social media. Consequently, you need to be there and illustrate your competence,  reputation and ensure you maintain awareness of your personal brand among your peers. That said, don’t forget about your offline presence in marketing associations and events with peers.  In a recent article, recruiter Lynn Hazan pointed out that marketers tend to over-rely on social media to get a job. Make sure you have a regular social media presence, but make sure you’re keeping a solid offline presence too.

An integrated job search is no small task. But if you are treating your search and your career seriously, it’s a must.

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