Digital Marketing Jobs: Job Description, Job Outlook, Average Salary Range and Current Job Openings

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The Role of a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing jobs balance strategy and execution of a brand’s marketing strategy in the digital realm. The more senior the role, the more focused it will be on strategy. Conversely, the more junior the digital marketing role, the more likely it will be focused on the execution or implementation of that strategy and the more tactically focused it will be. Here’s a closer look at their key responsibilities:

Strategy and Planning Responsibilities of Digital Marketers

  • Developing and executing digital marketing strategies: This involves conducting thorough research on target demographics, analyzing competitors, and designing a comprehensive plan to achieve marketing goals across various digital channels.
  • Keeping pace with the fast-changing digital marketing environment: With the digital world in a state of constant flux, a digital marketing manager must stay updated on emerging trends, technologies, and strategies to ensure the brand remains relevant and competitive.

Content Marketing, Creation and Management Responsibilities

  • Curating and managing engaging content across digital platforms: This includes creating captivating social media posts, informative blog articles, persuasive website copy, targeted email marketing campaigns, intellectual capital / content marketing, social media marketing, and other forms of content.
  • Maintaining a consistent brand voice and messaging across all digital touchpoints: A unified brand image is vital for an effectively managed brand. The digital marketing manager ensures this by maintaining a consistent voice and message across all digital channels and working closely with members of the company responsible for other touchpoints.

Campaign and Project Management and Optimization Responsibilities

  • Leading the planning, execution, and detailed analysis of digital marketing campaigns: This involves setting clear, measurable campaign goals, choosing the most effective channels, managing budgets meticulously, and using data analytics to evaluate campaign success and identify areas for improvement.
  • Refining campaigns based on data-driven insights: By leveraging data from website traffic analysis, social media engagement metrics, and other sources, the digital marketing manager can continually improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

Data Insights: Reporting and Analytics Responsibilities

A digital marketer must monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the efficiency of digital marketing initiatives. The manager must have the skills to effectively communicate results to the brand’s internal stakeholders, including managers outside the marketing department, in a clear, and simple manner, without the technical jargon used to manage digital marketing. In short, an effective digital marketer needs to be fluent on the technical and analytical side of things and also understand how that relates to business objectives and translate those results into language and metrics that is understood by managers and executives in other departments — including the CEO — that tie into the business objectives. Often, when communicating with executives and the finance team, that means being able to show the return on investment (ROI) of the marketing budget. 

Leadership and Collaborative Skills

  • Leading and fostering collaboration within a team of digital marketing professionals and the parties that handle other customer touchpoints: This will likely include writers, graphic designers, social media specialists, and other marketing team members, marketing research, IT, developers, legal professionals, marketers within the organization responsible for offline marketing, sales, and customer support and external agencies and vendors. Were long past the days when digital marketers could get away with operating in a silo. The digital marketing team needs to know how to work within the organization and with all relevant vendors to execute successful, well-integrated marketing programs and campaigns. That requires a mix of skillsets, including leadership skills, delegation skills, strategic vision, project management skills, implementation skills, analytical, and collaborative skills.

In summary, a digital marketing manager is instrumental in growing brand awareness and keeping the brand relevant, generating qualified leads and/or sales, and achieving business objectives through a skillful combination of strategic planning, creative content development, data-driven decision-making, and effective team leadership.

Personality Types That Tend to Be Best Suited for Digital Marketing Roles

The types of individuals who are best suited for a career in digital marketing tend to be:

  • Excited and enthusiastic about technology, complexity, and change. The type of individual that gets it” before others catch on.
  • Good at adapting to rapidly changing environments and aren’t intimidated by a rapid pace of change and competition.
  • Resilient and able to handle failure and stress — and quickly lessons learned from mistakes.
  • Of a continuous learning mindset to keep up with ever-changing and evolving technologies and trends.
  • Excellent at project management and multi-tasking. Digital marketing projects and campaigns are complex and can involve working with experts from a wide range of disciplines including creatives, analytics, legal, IT, sales, and more.

Job Outlook and Average Salary Ranges for Digital Marketing Jobs

The average pay for digital marketing jobs varies depending on a number of factors, including company size and industry, company location, job market conditions, size of teams managed, relevant industry/market experience, company size, candidate skills, and experience. As averages vary widely from source to source, we provide you with a range of sources. The below list includes some of the most popular digital marketing roles. Search MarketingHire’s job posts for current digital marketing jobs.

The Current Job Market for Digital Marketing Professionals is Very Strong and Growing

There is a high demand for digital marketers and there have been for quite some time. With a booming job market, there are many opportunities across a wide range of industries.

  • High demand and high competition: There is a high demand for digital marketing professionals across a wide range of industries. That also means competition for roles can be extremely competitive.
  • Salaries are relatively high: Considering the booming demand, it should come as no surprise that salaries for digital marketing professionals are high compared to other marketing roles (see below for ranges).
  • The profession is highly dynamic and evolving: Digital marketing is a fast-paced area of constant change. You need to be able to learn, adapt, and quickly master quickly changing trends and technologies. That can make it a challenging, high-stress job, but it also can make it intellectually satisfying.
  • There’s a wide range of career paths: There are many areas of specialization and career paths in the digital marketing realm with roles that focus on areas that are more strategic (e.g., senior management), more implementation-focused (content management), project management, data / analytical, technical, and creative.
  • Remote work opportunities: Many digital marketing roles offer the possibility for working remotely. Although these tend to be more junior and mid-level roles, where top management with direct reports is often expected to be on site.

Current State of the Job Market and Salary Range for Digital Marketers in the US

The job market for digital marketing is robust and expanding. According to LinkedIn, the position of “Digital Marketing Specialist,” which is a junior role within the digital marketing sector, is ranked as one of the top 10 most sought-after occupations in the United States. The compensation ranges for different digital marketing positions are detailed below.

Job Forecast for Digital Marketing Roles in the US

The job outlook for digital marketing in the US is excellent, with a much faster than average growth than the average growth rate for all occupations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10% growth in employment for marketing and advertising managers (a category that includes digital marketing managers) between 2022 and 2032. In short, the future looks very bright for digital marketers.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Common Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Coordinator:
A Digital Marketing Coordinator is an entry-level, hands-on role focused on execution of strategy that commonly assists with various tasks of digital marketing programs and campaigns. Their responsibilities typically include social media management, content creation (e.g., blog and social media posts, website copy, etc.), email marketing SEO tasks, and website analytics reporting. Specific responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Coodinator can vary widely depending on industry, company size, and the marketing department’s strategic approach. 

Average Salary for a Digital Marketing Coordinator:

  • ZipRecruiter: $54,061 per year (February 2024)
  • $57,103 per year (February 2024)
  • Indeed: $55,490 per year (February 2024)
  • Glassdoor: $50,795 per year (February 2024)

The salary range for a Digital Marketing Coordinator varies between $37,000 and $67,000 annually according to Zip Recruiter.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Common Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist:
A Digital Marketing Specialist is an entry-level position focused on execution of strategy, with similar responsibilities to a Digital Marketing Coordinator, blending creative, technical, and analytical skills. It’s commonly a role that does not manage people. Common responsibilities include developing and executing content strategies that may include website content, blog and social media posts, and email posts, ensuring a consistent brand voice across vehicles; search engine marketing, search engine optimization, analytics, and online advertising. Specific responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist can vary widely depending on industry, company size, and the marketing department’s strategic approach.

Average Salary for a Digital Marketing Specialist:  

  • ZipRecruiter: $65,418 per year (February 2024)
  • $64,715 per year (February 2024)
  • Zippia: $60,359 per year (February 2024)

The salary range for a Digital Marketing Specialist varies between $33,500 to $112,500 according to Zip Recruiter.

Digital Marketing Manager

Common Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager:

 Digital Marketing Manager is a strategic leader within the digital marketing team. They develop and oversee the implementation of digital marketing strategies, managing teams and projects, optimize campaigns based on performance as measured by analytics, optimize campaigns and ongoing efforts (e.g., company website) and communicate performance to stakeholders. This requires strategic thinking skills, analytical skills, project management skills, leadership skills, communications skills, a strong grasp of technology, and the ability to quickly adapt to change and identify and seize opportunities.  A Digital Marketing Manager oversees and executes digital marketing initiatives in order to achieve the organization’s marketing goals and objectives. Responsibilities of a digital marketing manager typically encompass development and implementation of digital marketing strategies, including responsibility for conducting or overseeing marketing research; competitive analysis; management of social media, digital advertiising, search engine optimization, content marketing efforts, and website content; setting of measurable goals and objectives for the website and digital marketing campaigns; staying current in constantly evolving martech, digital vehicles and platforms, digital marketing strategies and tactics and benchmarking;   digital analytics; optimization of campaigns; overseeing, collaborating and possibly execution of content; collaboration with digital marketing team, IT, legal, sales, customer service, vendors and agencies in the operations of digital efforts; mentoring and coaching team members; tracking, analyzing, and reporting on analytics and identifying, reporting and optimizing on key performance indicators (KPIs); communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

Average Salary for a Digital Marketing Manager:

  • $123,302 per year (January 2024)
  • Built In: $87,769 per year (February 2024)
  • ZipRecruiter: $87,719 per year (February 2024)

The salary range for a Digital Marketing Manager varies between $45,000 – $117,000 according to Zip Recruiter.

Digital Marketing Director

Common Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Director:
A Digital Marketing Director serves as the strategic and operational leader of an organization’s digital marketing efforts, overseeing the whole of the company’s digital marketing and ensuring objectives are achieved. The Digital Marketing Director has responsibility for leading the digital marketing team and ensuring that the organizaton’s digital marketing is aligned with the organization’s strategy and brand and achieves objectives. The role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including the development and implementation of digital marketing strategy; setting the vision and direction for the digital marketing team; staying abreast of legal issues that impact digital marketing; building and maintaining an effective digital marketing team that achieves goals and stays current on ever-changing trends and technlogies; developing digital marketing budgets for projects, campaigns, programs, agencies, vendors, and staff; managing digital marketing staff (the position commonly has direct reports); conducting performance analysis of tools, staff, vendors, agencies, budget, etc.; managing all digital channels, using, analyzing, learning from analytics; approving digital marketing tactics; managing and working with managers in other departments, such as IT, sales, customer support, legal, and finance, as well as outside agencies, and vendors; overseeing analytics tools, martech, identifying needs and tools; content strategy and content marketing management; collaborating and presenting across the organization including to executives. 

Average Salary for a Digital Marketing Director:

  • $188,589 per year (January 2024)
  • ZipRecruiter: $123,711 per year (February 2024)
  • Indeed: $139,940 per year (February 2024)
  • Comparably: $157,401 per year (February 2024)

The salary range for a Digital Marketing Director varies between $86,500 and $212,502 annually according to Zip Recruiter.

VP of Digital Marketing

Common Responsibilities of a VP of Digital Marketing:
A VP of Digital Marketing serves as the executive leader, visionary and strategic decision-maker of an organization’s digital marketing. A VP of Digital Marketing sets the overall vision and long-term direction for the organization’s digital marketing efforts, and consequently, for the digital marketing team. They must stay informed on the latest digital marketing trends and technologies and establish strong alignment and working relationships with other key decision-makers in the organization. Their responsibilities include high-level strategy, leadership of the digital marketing department, overall budget responsibility, collaboration within the organization and with partners, management of resources, overseeing of the selection of platforms and analytics used by the digital marketing department, establishing partnerships and approval of vendor and agency relationships, and accountability for the success or failure of the brand’s digital marketing. The VP of Digital Marketing is commonly the outside face of the organization, involved in the industry and helping draw talent to the organization.

Average Salary for a VP of Digital Marketing:

  • ZipRecruiter: $193,637 per year (February 2024)
  • $246,869 per year (February 2024)
  • Glassdoor: $171,822 per year (February 2024)
  • Built In Chicago: $183,593 per year (2023)

The salary range for a VP Digital Marketing varies between $90,500 and $270,227 annually.

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