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Chicago offers a rich history, diverse culture, and bustling economy, offers a unique blend of Midwestern warmth and urban energy. It’s the third largest city in the US, with a total population of approximately 2.7 million residents (2021). Chicago is a global hub for finance, healthcare, culture, technology, and transportation. Some of the global corporations headquartered in Chicago include Abbott, ADM, Mondelez, Aon, Boeing, Motorola Solutions, Walgreens, Caterpillar, Kraft Heinz, Conagra, United, Accenture, Grubhub, Excelon, Hyatt, Grainger, ADM, Sara Lee, Morningstar and many more.

Key Stats for Marketers

Marketing in the Windy City: Important Statistics for Chicago

Here’s a breakdown of some key statistics to consider for a marketing career in Chicago, IL:

  • Chicago is the fourth largest city when it comes to marketing professionals employed, with 24,000 marketing jobs (BLS).
  • Chicago pays well. According to the BLS, Chicago is the third highest-paying city in the US for marketing professionals.

Average Pay for Marketing Jobs in Chicago

  • Marketing Professionals: According to Indeed, marketing professionals in Chicago earn an average annual salary of $82,122 (as of March 24, 2024). This is slightly higher than the national average of $70,500 reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. in comparison to other big cities:
  • San Francisco: $98,431 (Indeed)
  • New York City: $91,233 (Indeed)
  • Los Angeles: $87,542 (Indeed)
  • Atlanta: $75,222 (Indeed)

Be sure to check out MarketingHire’s article: “Salary and Total Marketing Jobs for All 50 US States,” for more information.

Cost of Living in Chicago

  • Chicago: Chicago boasts a lower cost of living compared to coastal cities like San Francisco and New York City. The cost of living index in Chicago is 98.7 (using a national average of 100), meaning overall expenses are slightly below the national average.
  • Housing: While still significant, housing costs in Chicago are generally lower than major coastal cities.

Cost of Transportation

  • Public Transportation: Chicago has a well-developed public transportation system (“CTA”) with fares that are more affordable compared to owning a car in the city. A monthly pass can cost around $100, while gas prices and car maintenance can add up significantly.

Competitiveness of the Chicago Job Market for Marketing Jobs

  • Marketing: The marketing job market in Chicago is competitive, especially for entry-level positions. However, the demand for skilled marketing professionals remains strong across various industries.
  • Standing Out: Networking, building a strong online presence (e.g., LinkedIn profile), and showcasing your skills through internships, volunteer work and/or freelance projects can help you stand out from the competition.


While Chicago offers a competitive marketing job market with attractive salaries, the lower cost of living compared to some coastal cities can make it a financially desirable location for marketing professionals. We do admit to bias, as MarketingHire is located in the Chicago area.

Remember, these are just some general statistics. Specific salaries and costs can vary depending on your experience level, the size of the employer, the type of marketing role, and your chosen neighborhood in Chicago.

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