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Want an RSS feed of marketing jobs from If so, you've come to the right place. Legitimate professional marketers (not spammers), associations, publications, recruiters, professional networking groups and organizations can feel free to use our RSS feeds for display on your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook page, email, you name it. As you are known by the company you keep, we reserve the right to deny access to feeds (yes, we're talking to you spammers and "network marketers").

Marketing provides the following RSS feeds of marketing job listings for use with your RSS reader, iGoogle or MyYahoo! page, blog or website free of charge.  Website managers and bloggers can use this service to add high quality, regularly updated content to your (pre-approved) website that keeps visitors returning.

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RSS is a technology that notifies you when a site is updated, and allows you to read the updated content without viewing the site itself. Think of it like a mailing list for web sites. To learn more about RSS click here.