How Job Seekers Can Stand Out in 2020

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A new study from Accountemps addresses the often asked question of whether or not employers prefer cover letters, and the answer is yes. Mostly.

A majority of hiring managers (58%) surveyed said they find cover letters helpful.  

An online presence was a very important factor, and the study identified candidate tactics that they impress hiring managers and tactics that turn them away. Specifically, 49% hiring managers are impressed with candidates that network with their employees and provide access to an online portfolio or personal website (47%). Tactics that can hurt a jobseekers chances? Thirty-five percent of hiring managers say using Bitmojis, 25% say caricatures is undesirable, 35% say using colorful fonts and 25% sight colorful backgrounds on applicant materials. Forty percent of surveyed managers found an infographic can be an important factor for job candidates. 

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