Marketing Job Outlook and Hiring Trends: Q1 2024

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UPDATED: 03/26/2024

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MarketingHire‘s Marketing Job Outlook and Hiring Trends is a regularly updated column that provides the latest research and trends and job outlook for the job market for marketing, digital, advertising, creative, PR, marketing communications, communications, content marketing, SEO / SEM / PPC, and other roles commonly found under the umbrella of an organization’s marketing departments. Our mission is to provide marketers with a regularly updated, quick overview of the job market that can help enable their decision-making.

Notable Marketing Job Market Hiring, Workforce, Salary and Skills-Related Trends for Q1 2024:

– Hiring for Marketing Jobs is Strong

The hiring pace for the US job market overall, slowed down in 2023 from the previous year’s pace. While there were 150,000 new jobs added in October 2023, it’s lower than the 258,000 monthly average seen in 2022. However, January 2024 saw advertising, public relations, and related services industry reach an all-time high in with 2,000 new jobs added. 5.8 million jobs have been added to the US economy since February 2023, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. According to Statista, advertising employment in the US increased by 2,200 in October 2023. Hiring for marketing roles in the United States is up for Q1 2024 with strong job growth. Robert Half State of U.S. Hiring Survey found that 57% of respondents plan to add new permanent positions in the first six months of the year, while another 39% anticipate hiring for vacated positions. More than two-thirds (67%) expect to hire contract workers as part of their staffing strategy.

Managers cite company growth as the primary factor influencing hiring plans. “Job openings continue to exceed the number of professionals looking for work,” said Dawn Fay, operational president of Robert Half. “With hiring expected to increase early in the year, employers need to have a strategic hiring plan in order to land the talent they need.”

– There’s a Tight Labor Market for Marketing Professionals

Employers are often struggling to find qualified marketing candidates. The layoff rate is very low relative to historical patterns. While the overall unemployment rate for Americans with college degrees who are 25 and over is around 2 percent, the rate for marketing professionals is much lower (AMA).

– Many Employers are Speeding Up the Recruitment and Hiring Process to Acquire Top Talent (AMA)

– Professional and Business Sectors are Experiencing High Growth in Marketing Jobs

The professional and business services sector, which includes a great deal of marketing jobs, saw significant growth in January 2024, adding 74,000 new jobs, exceeding the 2023 monthly average. According to the AMA, the job growth for marketing professionals with a background that in customer experience and digital marketing is especially high.

– Most In-demand Roles: Digital Marketing Remains Hot

Reports cite a continued high demand for qualified marketing professionals, largely driven by digitalization, the need for data-driven strategies, personalization efforts, and the use of AI. According to a study from Zippia, digital marketing specialist salaries have increased 5% in the last 5 years.

The most in-demand marketing roles in the US include positions such as Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Data Analysts and Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketers, Email Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers, Project Managers, Content Strategists and Web Copywriters, Art Directors and Graphic Designers, User Interface (UI) Designers, Account Managers/Executives, Event Coordinators, and Web Designers. These roles are highly sought after due to the evolving landscape of marketing and advertising, with a focus on digital transformation, data analytics, and strategic communication across various platforms[1][2][3].

– Hybrid and Remote Work Continue to Be Very Popular with the Workforce

– While Workers Aren’t Leaving Jobs at the Same High Rates as the Great Recession, Many Employers are Concerned About Turnover; More Than Half of Marketers are Considering a Career Change

While workers aren’t leaving their jobs at the same rate they were during the Great Resignation, many organizations are worried about turnover. A Robert Half study found that when they were asked about their top concerns for 2024, 91% of managers cited retaining top talent, and 88% said they worry about keeping teams motivated and engaged. According to Dawn Fay of Robert Half, “While hiring will be a priority next year, managers shouldn’t lose sight of their current teams. Now is the time to prioritize employee engagement and retention to avoid turnover and loss of productivity. Routinely researching and adjusting compensation levels, offering flexible work, and implementing policies to alleviate burnout are all effective strategies.”

Attracting and retaining talent remains crucial, with 55% of marketers considering a career change driven by better compensation, benefits, and perks.

– Employers are More Flexible Regarding Some Areas of Experience

A recent study by the American Marketing Association found that there is a growing trend for hiring candidates grounded in fundamental marketing strategy and providing on-the-job training to fill in skill gaps.

– 68% Of Managers Plan to Increase Their Use of Contract Professionals, Especially for Digital Marketing and SEO Specialists

68% of managers surveyed by Robert Half intend to increase their use of contract professionals, especially in digital marketing roles like digital marketing managers and SEO specialists. [5]

Companies’ Plans for Hiring Permanent Staff 
First Half 2023First Half 2024 
Adding new positions 58 %57 %
Filling vacated positions 39 %39 %
Not adding new or filling vacated positions 3 %2 %
Eliminating positions 0 %1 %



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