"I created ConnectedMarketers because knowledge and time are precious, but every LinkedIn group for marketing pros I know of is managed like they aren't."
- Peter DeLegge, MarketingHire CEO & Founder

If you have 5 or more years experience in marketing, advertising, marketing research, PR, social media, communications, SEO, SEM, marketing analytics or a related, please accept our invitation to be part of the ConnectedMarketers LinkedIn Group.*

*All requests are subject to a review of your LinkedIn profile to validate you possess at least 5 years of experience in a marketing-related capacity at a verifiable company and at least 20 legitimate professional contacts.


Why Join ConnectedMarketers LinkedIn Group?

Gain Access to a Community of Wide Range of Experts.

Gain access to a wealth of vetted experts in a wide range of marketing-related roles such as marketing management, marketing communications, advertising, PR, SEO, SEM, CRM, BI, marketing research and marketing analytics.​

Expand Your Professional Network & Build Your Personal Brand.

Interact with other experienced marketing professionals and expand your personal brand. Learn about opportunities to have your writing published, for speakers at events, for judges for awards and more.

Find Talent When You Need It and Stay Abreast of New Opportunities.

Learn about unadvertised job opportunities at members' companies, share opportunities at your company and be the first to learn about jobs posted at MarketingHire.

Spend Your Time More Effectively and Efficiently.

Save time by not sifting through LinkedIn groups overflowing with irrelevant and low quality posts made by salespeople, recruiters and self-promotional consultants focused on their needs instead of yours.

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ConnectedMarketers LinkedIn Group is completely free to join and participate in.

I created ConnectedMarketers after being in a dozen or so LinkedIn Groups I hoped would be great knowledge sharing communities, but all ended up being filled with spammy and low quality posts from salespeople, recruiters and self-promoting consultants to the point where there's simply too much noise to make keeping up with them worth it for any serious professional's time. ConnectedMarketers is a group that's serious about being a valuable resource for our profession.
Peter DeLegge, MarketingHire Founder & CEO
Peter DeLegge
MarketingHire Founder/CEO

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