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Search marketing, advertising,PR, research, social media, CRM, SEM, creative, media & other marketing jobs -- many not found at the big job boards -- from companies like HP, Microsoft, Nike, & Google to great smaller firms.

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A wealth of expert career advice for marketers. Topics include resumes, networking, personal branding, interviews, body language, follow up and career management.

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Get insights on the skills most in demand in today's marketing job market, hiring trends & projections from leading experts. Valuable Information whether used for your own career path or staffing decisions.

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Looking for info on salary averages or cost of living rates? Whether you're looking for your next job, negotiating salary or trying to determine if that raise is in-line with your peers, we have what you need.

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Marketing Career News & Articles

You Can’t Get a Marketing Job By Applying For It The crowds make it tough even to get noticed, let alone seriously considered by recruiters.  According to urban legend,... More detail
Get In the Game With a Great Resume During the job hunter's market of the 1990's, employers were settling for less than qualified candidates because the candidate... More detail
How to Find Out What Your References are Saying About You A great reference from a former manager can impress a prospective employer and help clinch a new job, however, a bad reference... More detail
Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words Has it ever occurred to you how much you are saying to people even when you are not speaking?  Unless you are a master... More detail
How to Follow-Up After a Job Interview. The Thank You Letter and More. One of my wife’s friends who has been a stay at home mom for several years is preparing to re-enter the workforce. Earlier... More detail
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